CURA Linocut Workshop

On the 17th April 2019 I gave a short Linocut lesson the CURA Art Lab, in Florence.

It was attended by many who had never etched before.

It was a great evening, and fun for all!

Here are a few examples…


The Queen (Lewis Chessmen Playing Card)

“The Queen” is part of the exhibition Artista In Formato 2019, at the Venezia Viva exhibition.

It was created by combining one of the Lewis Chessmen pieces, an annoyed queen, waiting for her man, and the Runic symbol “Inguz”.

(Ph: Monica Martin)

This year’s Artista In-Formato exhibition (consisting of etchings of the same size (formato), informato (informed), was dedicated to playing cards.

These came into Europe through Venice in the 11th century, just about when the Lewis Chessmen sets were carved in ivory.

The day of the Inauguration, the 27th April 2019.

(Ph: Monica Martin)

Casa di Dante Exhibition

It’s been a while, since I had an exhibition.

This time I’m together with two other engravers and painters: Vincenza Poneti and Guido Del Fungo.

A small recap of some of my favourite etchings, together with a bit of the new production.

Saturday 16th February 2019 at 4,30 PM.

Circolo degli Artisti CASA DI DANTE, Via Alighieri, Florence

Opening times:

10-12 AM/4-7PM Excl. Mondays

Ivy Shoot (Second State)

A modified version of the Ivy Shoot is now available.

It’s a 18×24 cm etching on zinc, to which as a second state I have added some Lavis, and Marbling.

This is one of the new works I will be exhibiting at the Casa di Dante gallery in Florence, from the 16th to the 28th February 2019.

Real Woodcuts

These two woodcut are very different, in their making.

The green one on the left, “Chainsaw”, is created by pressing a chainsaw cut-down tree.
I went in the wood, with paper and ink, and found a near-flat stub.

I inked it, and printed it on paper.

“Typographer” took quite a bit longer. It’s a spruce mite’s work.
The Ips Typographus, makes its way inside spruces’ barks.

I collected this, soaked it in water for a month or so, and, when soggy, printed it.


I am pleased with the result (etched on the B side of a zinc plate) of this Skull.

The two techniques (Sugarlift and Marbling), allow me to obtain a fresh ‘non drawn’ pattern, very unusual for my work.