Bionic Faun

This is the second of the series Man and Machine.

the Bionic Faun, by Iain Antony Macleod.

It’s a mixed media Engraving (etching, softground, salt and spitbite), 18×24 cm.

I have always thought of the bionic legs of paraplegic athletes, such as Pistorius’, to make them look like fauns, or the god Pan.


the Weight of the Soul

This is the first proof of a group of etchings dedicated to thoughts on Man/Machine.

“the Weight of the Soul” is based on the idea that it is presumed 21 grams is the weight of our soul.

The weighing machine measures this, but the soul (represented by a 41x41cm 200gsm paper origami butterfly), tends to fly away…

Machines are better at calculating, but, for now, they do not have a soul.

That is one of the differences between us and them.

LTD Edition

A shared project with Peter Ahlberg, of Artist Immersion Program.

While jointly teaching Graphics, Binding and Etching in a two weeks Course at Pontignano, Siena, we came about creating this edition of four, artist book.

They contain eight tiny linocuts, representing our discoveries at the Certosa di Pontignano.
Four are minerals, and four plant related.

Each copy on the cover contains a fourth of a ghost print of a vine leaf, printed in burned Sienna. (Just to remain local!)

In the inside flap are our two signatures (he signed mine, I did his; written backwards (as with an etching…).

I suppose we could have stopped playing, if we wanted to!

New free Linocut experience.

This coming Saturday I’ll be accepting anyone who wants to have a go at linocut etching, or just anyone who wants to print (and take away), them.

From 3PM to 6PM, at the familiar place called Fabriano Boutique, in via del Corso 59 Red, in Florence.

Short classes of around half an hour; make your own linocut, or just come in and print one already made, and then take it home with you.

Kids welcome.

Fabriano master papermaker Sandro Tiberi.

It was a great honour to work alongside with Sandro Tiberi at the Mostra Internazionale dell’artigianato 2019.

While Sandro was making his Vitruvian Man watermarked paper, I was working on a linocut representing Leonardo da Vinci’s self portrait.

We then printed a couple of inked copies onto the fresh paperpulp.