Dunvegan Castle Etching

A large (30x40cm) etching on zinc.

The zinc plate was first waxed.
A series  of cross-hatched lines is scraped off the wax, till the complete drawing is achieved.
The plate is then put in nitric acid.

The longer it is kept, the darker and larger the lines will become.

This is clearly seen in the trees in the background (5minutes),

and the rocks in the front (over an hour and half).

When the imagined darkness is achieved, the area is covered in a special varnish, that will stop the acid from biting.
The plate is then removed from the acid, and dried.

It is then inked. A sheet of cotton paper is  dampened, and hand-pressed with a manual star-press.

Each copy is unique, and only a few copies (I typically make 69 copies) are made.
Please note, though the Dunvegan etching is numbered up to 69 copies, I have made some changes after copy number ten.
So, in fact, one could say these should be numbered 1/10.

(I have added a uniform aquatint to the background, and rounded the edges of the plate).

Each copy is individually numbered and signed by me.
Iain Antony Macleod


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