All is one

A VERY long art book.

This is my contribution to the Metropolis project.

A series (303) of 20x20cm page etchings, form a sixty-meter long book on the Metropolis theme.

My contribution is All is One.
Micro/macrocosm joined together.

A tree.

A piece of paper.

A piece of history.

“You are lying down in one of the Metropolis’s parks.

You look up, and see the trees’ branches  joining together.

The trees are also humans,

and the fronds create the continents.”.

The book’s italian preview was on the 18th of October 2014 at 4 pm at
Centro Internazionale della Grafica– Atelier Aperto, Venice, Italy.

Venezia, San Marco Palazzo Minelli, 1878/A

It then went to be shown in Germany, and will go round the world, starting with South America.


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