At a time of Quarantine, and social distancing, hugs are forbidden.

Yet there’s one reason more for them: none!

There is no reason to want to hug a fellow human, still I can’t wait for it.

The Stolen Hug

@ Casa di Dante February 2019


Softground, Etching and Craquele on zinc

Inside the deepest of your inner soul, beneath whatever you believe is yourself, you have a Heart of Stone.
Mine is in the sacred Island of Iona, and also on a remote Standing Stone on the Isle of Lewis…
We are not stone, but we’re not flesh alone.
Think yourself as a tree: a part of a single Entity we call Forest.

300×400 mm

A Plant’s Destiny

Work in Progress.

A vine has its’ destiny…

This was the first state of the etching.
Ok, I know it’s far too dark, but this was the second state, when I applied the aquatint.

I have since worked with very fine sandpaper and a burnisher, and this is the result. A lot of work still to be done…

Man and Machine Biennale.

Man and Machine” Is the subject of the Biennale della Casa di Dante, ti which I have been accepted, and am one of the nine finalists in the Engraving section.

L’uomo e la Macchina.

Sono stato scelto come finalista nella sezione incisione.

I started off with the first etching

“21 grams”.

It’s a Softground and aquatint that represents the weight of the difference between Man and Machine: the Soul.

A 200g 35x50cm piece of paper (or 41x41cm square), will weigh those 21 grams a man is said to lose at the time of his death.


è un’acquatinta e ceramolle che rappresenta il peso della differenza tra Uomo e Macchina: l’Anima.

Un foglio 35×50 da 200g (o un quadrato di 41cm), pesa quei 21 grammi, che si dice sia il peso che una persona perda quando muore.

Two different Fauns, with bionic legs are the theme that came to my mind, while thinking on how technology can improve man’s life.

I due Fauni con gambe bioniche, sono ciò che mi è venuto in mente quando ho pensato a quando la tecnologia aiuta l’essere umano.

The last image is a more poetical one, representing the Waiting Tree.

We often think of a child’s pleasure in going to the swings.

In this case it’s the tree, that waits for the child, in order to give it pleasure.

L’ultima incisione creata apposta per la mostra è “L’albero che aspetta”.

Spesso pensiamo al piacere che un bimbo prova quando sale sull’altalena, grande invenzione umana, ma non al fatto dell’attesa dell’albero per dare gioia al bambino!

The Biennale will be held in Casa di Dante Gallery from the 30th November to the 12th December.

Finalisti e Vincitori

Bionic Faun

This is the second of the series Man and Machine.

the Bionic Faun, by Iain Antony Macleod.

It’s a mixed media Engraving (etching, softground, salt and spitbite), 18×24 cm.

I have always thought of the bionic legs of paraplegic athletes, such as Pistorius’, to make them look like fauns, or the god Pan.