It was 1981, when living alone in Scotland, at the age of 20, I started my (auto)destructive period.

This was an Edinburgh wreckyard.


Ivy Shoot

Our dogs decided to uproot an old Ivy plant in the garden.

What became exposed was a marvellous, nervous piece of wood.


Etching on zinc, 2018

Ivy Shoot, (detail)

Ivy Shoot, (detail)


Saturday 21st April 2018.

A first series of artists was called to participate with their work, each one being able to invite 4 artists each, who, in turn, could invite 3 artists, who could invite 2artists each, creating a series of rhizomes.

I have been invited by Stefano Breschi, invited by Sue Kennington, who was invited by Vera Portatadino

I decided to bring the OctoTree.

Growth (subtitled).

This is a friend’s request, the etching with underneath its poetic subtitle…


Tu, giovane virgulto, cresci, corri, vola. Tu, minuscolo spicchio di me, girino che diverrai Principe, salpa sulla tua nave, e scopri nuovi mondi. La vita che ti è stata data, ora va coltivata, concimata ed annaffiata di propositi, sogni e speranze. Fai i tuoi errori, fanne tanti, sbattici contro, per poi superarli. Impara da loro come da un bravo maestro. Pota il ramo marcio, coltiva quel sano, sacro desiderio che è in te. Diventa una quercia, spendo di essere stato Ghianda.


You, young sprout, grow, run, fly. You tiny splinter of me, yet to become a Prince, set out on your own boat, and discover new worlds.
The life you have received, must be Cultivated, Manured and Watered with Resolutions, Dreams and Hopes. Make your mistakes, lots of them, salm against them, and then overcome them. Learn from them as from the best of Masters. Prune the rotten branch, and cultivate that Healthy, Sacred wish that is in you. Grow to become an Oak, knowing you started as an Acorn.