Early 2021 etchings.

While working on a larger plate, I have done a few ‘fast’ etchings.

Here are a few.

The Bark

Etching on zinc 180×240 mm ©2020-21

I started this etching while in total lockdown, nearly a year ago, going back to it from time to time.

I knew it would turn out as ‘yetanother tree trunk’.

But I wanted to have something to go ahead and just etch…

There might be a second state, that might improve or ruin it.

We’ll see. Till now this is what has turned out from my press!


At a time of Quarantine, and social distancing, hugs are forbidden.

Yet there’s one reason more for them: none!

There is no reason to want to hug a fellow human, still I can’t wait for it.

The Stolen Hug

@ Casa di Dante February 2019


Softground, Etching and Craquele on zinc

Inside the deepest of your inner soul, beneath whatever you believe is yourself, you have a Heart of Stone.
Mine is in the sacred Island of Iona, and also on a remote Standing Stone on the Isle of Lewis…
We are not stone, but we’re not flesh alone.
Think yourself as a tree: a part of a single Entity we call Forest.

300×400 mm

A Plant’s Destiny

Work in Progress.

A vine has its’ destiny…

This was the first state of the etching.
Ok, I know it’s far too dark, but this was the second state, when I applied the aquatint.

I have since worked with very fine sandpaper and a burnisher, and this is the result. A lot of work still to be done…